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This website (hereinafter “Website”) is the property of the company with the name PASTA PELKA based in Pelekanos, Kozani with VAT number: 070315088

Products of our production are registered and posted on the Website. The browsing and use of the Website implies the express consent of you (hereinafter “you”, “you”, “User”) and unconditional acceptance of all the terms described below, which together with the Privacy Statement govern and regulate your relationship with the Company. If any term is violated, the Company has the right to block your access to the Website.


The content posted on the Website, in its entirety, is the intellectual and / or industrial property of the Company. Therefore, copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, creation of a production work or misleading the public about the actual provider of the contents of this website is prohibited in any way. Any reproduction, re-release, upload, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content, marks, images, logos, insignia, names, etc. in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is expressly prohibited, unless there is prior written consent of the Company. Therefore, the contents should be used exclusively for informational and non-commercial purposes and may not be copied, placed on another computer network or distributed through other media. It is specifically permitted to reproduce and share the original content of the Website on social media without any intervention in it, with explicit reference to the source. Any other use is strictly prohibited by law and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.


Any product posting on the Website is not a suggestion or advice of the Company to the Users. The Company does not provide any kind of guarantee or commitment regarding the content of the posts.

The Company has the right to withdraw products from the Website, in case it finds that the listing they have made does not correspond in content to all the described properties of the product, including the price.

Website access

Access to the Website is free. However, to access certain privileged services such as discount coupons and promotions, you must register and create an account. To create an account you are required to unconditionally accept the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Statement. You are committed to your account details:

a) are personal and you are not allowed to disclose them to third parties,

b) is true, accurate and the Company can request their confirmation in any way at any time. For this confirmation the User provides the power of attorney to the Company, as represented in each case, as requested and received information about the User by the competent authorities,,

c) concern only you and not any third party;

d) can be used to access the Website only by you,

e) it is forbidden to contain viruses or programs that can cause damage to the Website and / or the Company and / or to merchants-suppliers that register their products on the Website.

For any violation of the above, the Company reserves the right to block the User’s access to the Website and to seek any damages from him.

User responsibilities

By using the Website, the User is obliged as follows: a) accesses its content and the provided material exclusively for his own use, b) does not copy, modify or republish in any way its content and the material provided; c) does not give the impression to any third party that he has any moral or property right to the content or the material provided d) does not intentionally or unintentionally violate the applicable laws and regulations, e) does not harass third parties in any way, f) does not collect or save personal data about other Users. Any use contrary to the above, except for any civil and criminal sanctions, results in termination of services without any notice.

User comments

Users have the ability to contact our company directly using one of the available communication methods that will be found in the “Contact” menu. The user has the opportunity to evaluate the product (s) he has purchased from the website pastapelka.com. A condition for the evaluation and / or recording of comments about the products is either the conclusion of a sales contract of the User. The Company may request from the User evidence of the above as well, in order to publish the evaluation and / or comments. In case the User does not provide such information or if the evaluation is evaluated and / or the comments do not correspond to reality, the Company reserves the right not to approve the publication of the respective evaluation and / or comments or to delete them.

It is forbidden to post malicious descriptions, comments and ratings, especially those that contain abusive or offensive content, advertise competing products, contain threats, contain redirect links, etc., and these will be deleted. Any use contrary to the above, except for any civil and criminal sanctions, results in termination of services without any notice.

Limits of liability

In no case the Company, its representatives, agents and employees, are not responsible for any claims of a civil or even criminal nature or for any damage (financial or not, positive or negative, which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive or cumulative consists of loss of profits, data, monetary satisfaction due to moral damage, etc.) that may be suffered by the User or a third party due to a cause related to the operation and / or use of the Website. In no event shall the Company, its representatives, agents or employees be liable for any dispute arising between User and Merchant-Supplier regarding the products or for any other reason.

Also the Company, its representatives, agents and employees, are not responsible for anything that arises from third parties who use the Website.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify, renew or revise the Terms of Use, whenever it deems necessary and always in accordance with transactional manners. The modification or renewal will take effect as soon as this text is informed of any change or modification.


You can send any questions regarding the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement to info@pastapelka.com or you can contact us in one of the available ways that you will find on the contact page.

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