Pasta Pelka

Pasta workshop


The Traditional Pasta of Voio "Pelka" is prepared and packaged in our workshop at Pelekanos Kozani, a mountain village in the province of Voio. Our materials are of excellent quality without any addition of dyes and preservatives and of course 100% Greek production.

The Traditional Voio Pasta "Pelka"

Try the wheat handmade frumently, with our own grains and sheep's milk from our village. Frumently with cow yogurt, sweet frumently with cow milk, also whole grain pasta without gluten, in all types (noodles, trachana, screws) etc. Authentic flavors 100% Greek production without a trace of preservatives with local raw materials.

Georgalis Nikolaos - Head of workshop

Unique flavors from Pasta "Pelka"

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